WatchDog 550

Product Description

At 55 pints per day, the WatchDog 550 is the smallest crawl space dehumidifier offered by Seaira Global. When you need a dehumidifier for a compact area, the Watchdog 550 is the ideal solution. Only 12” tall and 40 pounds, the 550 is easily maneuverable in practically any space.

While it may be the smallest dehumidifier in our lineup, the Watchdog 550 is still powerful enough for areas up to 10,000 cubic feet. The unit produces a 130CFM airflow at an efficient 2.44 L/kWh.

The Watchdog 550 also includes several convenient upgrades that make using the machine quite simple. For instance, when you need to set your desired humidity level, simply use the digital touchpad display. Once the set point is in place, the 550 requires very little input from you thanks to features like automatic humidistat control, hot gas bypass, and auto restart.

Rated Condensate Capacity (80℉, 60%) 55 ppd
Rated Condensate Capacity (90℉, 90%) 110 ppd
COP 2.44 L/kWh
Refrigerant R410A
F.L.A. at Rated Conditions (80℉, 60%) 3.6A
Airflow @ 0.00" S.P. 130CFM
Inlet Filter Merv-8
Supply Duct 6" Collar
Return Duct N/A
Sound Level 52 dBa
Drain Pipe Connection 12" Tube
Coverage Area 10,000 ft3
Power Cord 10'
Operating Temperature Range 33-105℉
Operating Relative Humidity Range 36-90%
Weight 40lbs
Dimensions 18" x 12" x 12"
Warranty 5 Years