Top 5 Reasons To Choose Seaira Global

5. Custom Dehumidifiers

While Seaira Global offers the Watchdog Series of crawl space dehumidifiers, that’s not all we do. Seaira can also help with dehumidifier customization on a variety of levels.

• Level #1- Private Label
When you choose the private labeling option, we will replace all the labels on the machine with your company name and logo. For this option, choose from any of our existing WatchDog models.

• Level #2- Customized Exterior
Selecting Level #2 gives you the option to change the exterior colors of the machine to match your company colors. All labels and name will also be modified. Simply choose one of our existing WatchDog models (all internal components will remain the same).

• Level #3- Contract Manufacturing
Contract manufacturing offers a unique way to manufacture your desired dehumidifier without any of the hassle or stress. Simply provide us with the current design, and we will take over the entire process, while optimizing it for efficiency and simplicity. All you have to do is wait for the dehumidifiers to arrive at your door.

• Level #4- Custom Design Unit
Level #4 customization involves complete customization of your ideal dehumidifier from design to prototype to finished product.

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4. Complimentary Training Classes

Another unique option offered by Seaira Global is our complimentary training classes. We offer these classes to our dealers and distributors, free of charge, so they can be informed about our products and how they work.

• New Product Features- An introduction to our WatchDog dehumidifier series, including general usage guidelines and unique features.

• Service & Maintenance- A general overview of how to perform annual maintenance, in addition to tips for diagnosing common issues.

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3. Enhanced Warranty

For all WatchDog NXT dehumidifiers we offer a complete five-year warranty. For first generation dehumidifiers, we offer a 1/3/5 warranty.

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2. High Quality Dehumidifiers

In addition to great services, we also offer high quality dehumidifiers. In fact, every dehumidifier is individually test to ensure it meets our standards. Other notable features on Watchdog dehumidifiers include:

• Digital Display
• Compact Size
• Aluminum Coils
• Integrated Condensate Pump (not all models)

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1. Customer Service & Support

There many other dehumidifier brands to choose from, but what really keeps customers coming back to Seaira Global is our unmatched customer service and technical support. We pride ourselves on providing assistance in all aspects of the process from choosing a product to installation. Not to mention, if you run into any issues down the road, our knowledgeable technical support team is just a phone call away.

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