Remote Control Vs. Environmental Monitor

You may have noticed that Seaira Global offers two different remote systems, both compatible with all WatchDog dehumidifier models. While both can be used for monitoring your the humidity and temperature of your dehumidifier, that’s where the similarities end.

WatchDog Dehumidifier Remote
Part Number: W-100
Useful For: Monitoring and Controlling Dehumidifier from an Adjoining Room
Best Feature: Change Humidity Set Point Without Entering Crawl Space
Requirements: Mount Remote on Wall and Connect to Dehumidifier Using CAT 5 Cable

The WatchDog Remote Control includes a remote with an integrated humidity sensor plus 25’ of CAT 5 cable to connect the remote to the dehumidifier. Using the remote you can, power the dehumidifier on and off, adjust the humidity set point, and drain the pump (900c model only). In addition, you can monitor the humidity and temperature of the area you’re dehumidifying.

The remote control is quite convenient if your dehumidifier is difficult to access. For instance, if your dehumidifier is installed in your crawl space, the remote can be mounted in your garage. This means you won’t have to crawl into the crawl space every time you’d like to change the humidity set point.

Furthermore, since the remote has an integrated sensor, you can actually switch from using the sensor on the dehumidifier to using the sensor on the remote. This is especially useful in ducted applications. For example, your dehumidifier could be installed in the laundry room and ducted into the bedroom. The remote control would then be mounted in the bedroom so the remote sensor can both control the humidity and provide easy controls for the user.

—>Click here to see the WatchDog Remote Control Instructions
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WatchDog Environmental Remote
Part Number: W-111
Useful For: Monitoring Temperature and Humidity While Away From Home
Best Feature: All Information Can Be Viewed Using a Phone App
Requirements: Gateway - Plug Into Wireless Router
Monitor/ Sensor - Mount near WatchDog

As the name suggests, the Environmental Monitor is for monitoring the conditions of your dehumidifier, compared to controlling it like the remote does. By setting up an Environmental Monitor, you can wirelessly monitor the conditions of your crawl space or basement from anywhere. All you need to do is download the mobile app on your phone, plug the provided gateway into the router, and mount the sensor and probe. After that, you have the freedom to see the humidity and temperature of the monitored area even if you’re not home.

Using a WatchDog Environmental Monitor provides a simple way to see the temperature and humidity of the space without being there. This is helpful if your dehumidifier is somewhere difficult to access such as a crawl space. It is especially useful if you are monitoring the conditions of a dehumidifier that is farther away, such as a vacation home. You even have the option* to set up alerts that will let you know if the temperature or humidity exceeds your desired range.

—> Click here to see the WatchDog Environmental Monitor Spec Sheet
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*While usage of the app is free, optional alerts cost $12 per year.

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