Top 5 Reasons To Choose Seaira Global

By Seaira Global | September 01, 2016 | Choosing a Dehumidifier

Seaira Global offers crawl space dehumidifiers, basement dehumidifiers, and custom dehumidifiers to fit any needs you may have.

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8 Reasons You Need a Basement Dehumidifier

By Seaira Global | August 01, 2016 | Choosing a Dehumidifier

There are many reasons to get a basement dehumidifier installed. Here is a list of the top 8 reasons to get one.

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Crawl Space Dehumidifier vs. Portable Dehumidifier

By Seaira Global | June 01, 2016 | Choosing a Dehumidifier

There are many differences between crawl space dehumidifiers and portable dehumidifiers. These differences range from cost and capabilities to warranty and support.

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Crawl Space Dehumidifiers: Fact or Fiction?

By Seaira Global | May 02, 2016 | Choosing a Dehumidifier

When researching dehumidifiers for your crawl space you will come across a large mount of information. Some of it true and some of it not. Here we will dispell common myths and inform you of facts regarding crawl space dehumidifiers.

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What Size Dehumidifier is Right for You?

By Seaira Global | March 02, 2016 | Choosing a Dehumidifier

While searching for a dehumidifier, it can be confusing to decide which model is right for you when there are so many options. But not worry, there's a simple way to figure out if a unit is suitable for your crawl space and that's cubic footage.

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