WatchDog NXT Dehumidifiers

Watchdog NXT Dehumidifiers

Meet the WatchDog NXT Dehumidifiers. NXT dehumidifiers are the newest generation of WatchDog dehumidifiers from Seaira Global. Just like the first generation, there are three different models to choose from depending on your needs.

The WatchDog NXT60 produces 60 pints per day and uses a gravity drain system. The compact machine is ENERGY STAR® rated and operates at an efficient 2.6 L/kWh. The NXT60 is ideal for areas up to 11,000 cubic feet. If you need something larger, the WatchDog NXT85 is perfect. It can maintain spaces up 15,000 cubic feet but is the same size as the NXT60. It also has a gravity drain system. If you prefer something with an integrated pump, the WatchDog NXT85c is the model for you. Identical to the NXT85 besides the pump, the 85c can also maintain areas up to 15,000 cubic feet.

While each model is unique, the NXT dehumidifiers have a lot of similarities. First, all models are the same space-saving design. Measuring 12” tall, 21.7” long, and 12” wide, NXT dehumidifiers can fit in any crawl space. The units are also lightweight at only 60 pounds. This makes them simple to transport and install.

NXT dehumidifiers have more to offer than a compact size, though. They also include several features that make them simple to use. One example of this would be an easy to use digital control panel. In addition, the units have an automatic humidistat. This means that once the humidity is set, the unit will maintain your desired humidity level automatically. Another useful feature on the dehumidifiers is auto restart. After a power outage, the unit will resume running on its own at the same set point. There’s no need for you to crawl into the crawl space! If you’re worried about cold temperatures, NXT dehumidifiers can run from 33°F to 105°F. Plus, all units have electronic defrost.

In addition, WatchDog NXT dehumidifiers can be customized to fit your needs. There are multiple filter options to choose from including MERV-10, carbon, and HEPA filters. Furthermore, NXT dehumidifiers can be used with the Environmental Monitor or Wired Remote control.

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