Why Should I Maintain My Crawl Space?

why should i maintain my crawlspace

It may not seem very important to condition your crawl space with a dehumidifier since you’re not spending tons of time there but it’s a little more complicated than that. The fact is that your crawl space can change your entire living environment.

Thanks to the stack effect, the air in your crawl space will be spread through your entire home. Why does this happen? Well, the humid air in your crawl space is drawn upwards into the home, becoming warmer as it rises. As the air travels to the top of your house via any vents, gaps, or cracks, it creates a vacuum effect. This causes outside air to be pulled into the crawl space. The cycle continues as more air is pulled into the space, which then rises up towards the roof.

Stack Effects on Crawl Space Dehumidification

If humid, damp air is circulating through your home, it can lead to some unpleasant problems. The most obvious being that it will feel unpleasant if your home is constantly humid. Furthermore, your HVAC will be working harder as it tries to maintain a comfortable environment, leading to an inefficient home. In addition, an unattended, damp crawl space can turn into costly issues such as mold growth, pest infestation or structural damage.

So whats the solution to conditioning your crawl space and avoiding all of these problems? A crawl space dehumidifier, such as a Seaira Global WatchDog, can keep your crawl space consistently at your desired humidity level. Controlling the humidity will then help to prevent any future issues, in addition, to creating a more comfortable living environment.

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