Common Sources of Flooding In Your Home

Unfortunately, no matter where you live, there is a risk of your home flooding. Flooding can be caused by countless scenarios ranging from natural disasters to malfunctioning appliances.

When most people think of flooding, their first thought is some sort of natural disaster. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, and tornadoes can cause serious flooding in your home. When a storm hits, it can bring other problems as well, like torrential rain, storm surges, and flash flooding, which also have an impact on flooding.

Flooding can be caused more than just natural courses, though. Many factors inside and outside the home can lead to water issues. For instance, a malfunctioning dishwasher or washing machine could overflow and flood the area. Faulty plumbing can create problems, as well. If a water heater breaks or a pipe bursts, you are at risk of ending up with a flooded home.

Another potential cause of flooding is problems on the exterior of the home. For instance, drainage issues, such as blocked gutters or downspouts could create water damage. Problems could also arise, if areas such as window frames or flooring develop cracks or holes, leading to leaks.

If you do experience flooding, the good news is that Seaira Global now offers a full line of restoration products that can quickly and efficiently dry out your home. Whether you need a dehumidifier, an air scrubber, or an air mover, we’ve got you covered.

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