My Dehumidifier Won't Drain (1st Gen Dehumidifier)

By Seaira Global | January 17, 2017 | Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing issues with your dehumidifier not draining, the first place to look is the set up of the drain line.

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How Does A Dehumidifier Work

By Seaira Global | September 14, 2016 | Choosing a Dehumidifier

While you may be aware of some of the benefits that a dehumidifier can provide, you might not know exactly how a dehumidifier works. The dehumidifier process can be explained in a few simple steps.

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Annual Maintenance for your WatchDog Crawl Space Dehumidifier

By Seaira Global | March 03, 2016 | Dehumidifier Maintenance

If you want to keep your new dehumidifier problem-free it's extremely important to perform maintenance on a regular basis. Without consistent cleaning, issues can start to build up, preventing your dehumidifier from running effectively or even running at all.

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What Size Dehumidifier is Right for You?

By Seaira Global | March 02, 2016 | Choosing a Dehumidifier

While searching for a dehumidifier, it can be confusing to decide which model is right for you when there are so many options. But not worry, there's a simple way to figure out if a unit is suitable for your crawl space and that's cubic footage.

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